John Germain, KE 905

For those that remember me, I am currently working in a 653 bed hospital in Saginaw, MI. as the Director of Surgery.  Retired from the military from the Army Reserve after 22 years of service.  I have 4 kids.  Jonelle, a nurse in Illinois, Christopher, a ballroom dance instructor for Fred Astaire in Buffalo Grove, Chicago and number one dance instructor in the nation.  I also have two younger boys from a second marriage.  Single again now.  Not doing that again.  Will is a sophomore playing football for Alma College as starting offensive tackle.  He is 6'9" and goes about 290.  He also played basketball for Alma.  I am not sure where he gets the size.  I am 5'10" on a good day.  My youngest, Scott, is a senior in High School.  I am president of the St. Charles School Board and loving life right now.

If anyone is ever in Michigan and wants to get together for Lambda Chi Old time discussion, I have plenty of room and plenty of booze.  I really enjoy the company when not travelling to some sporting event to follow the boys.


Matt McKee, KE 1233

Living large in Boston, with my wife and two kids, creating photos and photo illustrations for companies as diverse as Seimens and Fresenius Healthcare to theater groups like RTWBoston and the Footlight Club.  Look me up!  Http://


Paul Fleischner, KE 1176

Living in Phoenix, AZ.  Beautiful in Fall, winter and spring, bearable in summer.  Remember it is a dry heat.


Dana Holliday, KE 1204

Hey, I am not lost....alive and well living in Los Angeles the past 5 years.  22 years with UPS.  I have the letters from the outside of the house in my garage.  I have my house paddles and that of Doug Lowther, if you remember we burned all the rest our last night in Alfred.  Hope all of you are well.


George Glaess, KE 549

Enjoying life, visiting children/grand kids.  Son in Calif., daughter in VT.  Have vegetable garden and workout on a regular basis.


Arling "Art" Hazlett, KE 304

Jane and I play 9 holes of golf most days in Asheville area.  Live 4 miles south of Blue Ridge Parkway.


Jim "Higs" Higgins, KE 628

Practiced Engineering for 14 years with Corhart Refractories, Division of Corning Glass Works.  Attended Law School at night while working for Corhart, graduated first in class:  Founded intellectual property law practice at Middleton Reutlinger, now largest in 3 states; Won 30M patent infringement for Minco, Inc., Tom Cole (AU Grad) president;  Member of USTA 1997 National Champion team (Sr. division); Prevailing attorney Moseley v. Victoria's Secret (trademark case) before U.S. Supreme Court; Spouse Betty (2 Childred, 4 step-children, 8 grandchildren).


Carl Woodward, KE 1085

I spend the winters in Tampa, FL and the summers at Panther Lake, NY just north of Syracuse.


Walter "Butch" Bolen, KE 872

Working for Warrieor Custom Golf in Irvine CA past 12 years.  I want to know if Dave
Cole can still hit the high draw?


Brock Christ, KE 1260

Thanks to all the Brothers who work on this website. I appreciate it. Things are good with me live outside Greenville, SC, which is about 100 miles from Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA. I have been working for Michelin for 10 years doing Corporate Income Taxes, the headquarters for the North American operations are here in Greenville. I have two children, Patrick is 13 and Katie is 11. I have been married to Karen for 15 years. Not too many days go by without thinking of my time at Alfred University. I hope my children get to experience something as special as I did.


Phil "Chief" Atchison, KE 1020

I haven't change abit since the old days at Old Lambda Chi!!!{abit more settled down now and responsible, I quess it comes with the territory} I'm still handsome as ever, with a little touch of grey. I've had a great career as a RN for the past 27 years at the Little Rock VA Hospital and look to retire in 3 years. I had some great times at AU and especially being a proud Brother At Dear Old Lamda Chi. To my knowledge I was the only Nursing Major to play football for the Saxon Warriors!!! Speaking of football, I was that certain brother that sustained "The Broken Nose" at the Pledge/Brother annual football game in 1980!! It was such a cheap shot that was put on me by those little pledges, I should have cut to the left instead of going up the middle and taking a beating by those pledges. That ER visit to St. James Hospital turned into a great party!! Didn't the brothers win that one?? Anyways I have one son, Brooks who has made me very proud during the past 20 years. Brooks is a junior at The Univ. of Arkansas at Fayetteville's Walton School of Buisness, his major is Finance/Accounting and is doing well. He is the new and improved image of me, with a big warm smile. He looks just like me 30 years ago, lucky kid!!! Hope all is well for you all and keep in touch! " Chief" KS 1020!!!!!!!!!!!!!


David Hetherly, KE 617

Retired from the Army and Air Force Exchange Service in 1993, after 25 years. Started my second life with Camp Lawrence located on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH, in 1993. Became the Director in 1994, and am currently still the Director. Spend my winter months (Oct. - Apr.) in San Antonio, where I have lived for 31 years. I have a daughter, Christine, who graduated fron the University of Texas, and I have a "grand dog" Lexi....a Weimerander. We walk together twice a day while Christine is at school....she is a teacher. Christine will get married
(finally) on March 19, 2011. There goes my next Lexis!!!!!!

If anyone plans on visiting San Antonio, you have a place to stay. Remember, it only costs
80 percent more to go first class!!! Only kidding!


Bryan Samson, KE 1016

After a military career I was the Village Manager in my hometown of Horseheads, NY for a few years, and then rejoined the Army as a civilian in charge of contracting.  Currently living north of Baltimore along the Chesapeake Bay.  A little grayer and slower than 30 years ago for sure but looking forward to being able so see some of the brothers before too long.






Andy Cole, KE 1221

Just checked out the scrapbooks for the first time.  Awesome!  That brought back lots of memories.  I'm married, 2 kids, been in Seattle for the last 20 years.  Started an adult recreational hockey league 10 years ago and it turned into a full time job about 5 year ago.


John Davis, KE 668

My wife and I spend winters in Naples, FL.  Would love to reconnect with other snowbird brothers.



Larry Leff, KE 964

Any brother visiting Long Beach Island, NJ pelase visit the Sand Trap Miniature Golf Course, Ship Bottom, NJ (609) 494-3181.  It would be my pleasure to treat any brothers family to miniature golf and would love to talk with you.


Mark Coppi, KE 1318

Great website to reconnect to Alfred LCA years!!  I hope to make it out for the reunion as I have not been to AU since 1995.  Hope all is well with everyone.



Michael Adelman

I retired in 2000 after 36 years with Sperry Univac (now Unisys) Federal Division generally spent in product marketing (translation: carrying salesmen) to the Feds. the military and the spooks.  Did two more years with them as a consultant, then escaped from Northern Virginia (Fairfax) to the Eastern Shore of MD (Ocean Pines 5 miles from Ocean City).  Went into adult day care selling appliances at Home Depot, finally retired retired.  Now it's golf and happy hours!  Cheers to all!!


Gary DelRegno, KE 927

You guys have done a really great piece of work in this website.  The scrapbooks are enormous.  Truly lots of fun to show friends and family.  Gives them some idea of the times we had.  I look forward to seeing all those brothers with whom I had such great times.  I'll be finishing my Master's Degree in Ceramic Engineering in August this year, so I know I'll be around to give you all a hard time.  Oh, by the way any of you guys that I still owe money to, come to the reunion to pick up your checks.



Henry Bzdak, KE 835

Hello to all.  Jon Jonson is still live and well in WI.  Would like to see many of you at the reunion.  Keep in touch if you plan on attending.


John Davis, KE 668

My wife and I spend winters in Naples, Fl.  Would love to reconnect with other snowbird brothers!


Joe Sorrentino, KE 1115

I hope all my brothers are doing well.  I am practicing law in Brooklyn, NY as well as being part of a family developing group building condominiums in New Jersey.  I have 3 children, Joseph (12), Lucas (10), and Eva (8) and have been married to my wife Rosemarie for almost 13 years.

Would love to get together and relive some of those times in the scrapbook although recovery time has shot up significantly.

Love to hear from any brothers in the New York City area.


Dave Cole, KE 893

Just received the most recent copy of the alumni association letter (1.29.2010) and visited the Alfred chapter website. I can't remember the last time I saw any of the scrapbook photos nor can I recall the last time I saw many of the brothers in the pictures. I can say I remember virtually every event captured in the pictures and it brought back a flood of fond memories - as if it were last year. My four years at Alfred and three as a Lambda Chi brother were a tremendous experience, in large part due to my fraternity involvement. My sincere thanks to Mitch Feldman and Steve Coleman for digitally preserving these memories and for allowing me to share some of the great stories, aided by the pictures, with my kids and wife. You made my cold Connecticut Saturday in January really special!

Much has happened since 1975 but some of the highlights: My two daughters through my marriage to Nancy Joslin are now 28 and 31, with my youngest (Arleigh) bringing me my first and only grandson (Nathan) three years ago (Oct. 2006). They live nearby in CT so I have the luxury of seeing Nathan grow up. My oldest girl, Aryn, lives in NYC and is an actress who made it to All My Children and a few movies. She is destined to be a star.

I married Amy Lang in 2000 and have enjoyed a wonderful life ever since. She was born in Rochester so I must have something for western NY ladies (Nancy was from Buffalo). We live in Fairfield, CT after spending 12 years in Easton, CT. We spend a bulk of our winters in Palm Beach Gardens, FL so if you get south in the cold northern winter months, please look us up. I still enjoy golf and we bike a lot to stay in shape. Of equal importance, we love to drink red wine and have plenty of bottles available to share with any brothers who come by.

I suppose I could try to capture the last 35 years of my life on paper but suggest the effort would bore the crap out of most of my old pals and opt to just say "hi" to everyone from 1971 - 1978 instead. Drop a line if inclined and we can talk about old times at Kappa Sigma!



Mike Cawley, KE 1220
 Wow - this is a great website.  I have enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading up on a lot of the brothers.  I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by.  Keep up the great work.
I  would also like to thank Mitch and Steve. I got very misty going through all of the old pictures and they brought back an unbelievable amount of memories. What a great website.
I am doing well. I am married and have a 7 year old son, Zachary, who is the love or our life. I currently live in Vestal, NY and work at BAE Systems. I am looking forward to bringing my family to the reunion this summer and showing them where I spent the best years of my life.


KE 1008
KE 1008 challenges ALL brothers from all years to a game of Prince to be held in Alfred
on Reunion Weekend.
  Let the "Good Times" Roll.


Philip Hickok, KE 561

Retired US Army in grade of LTC Nov 1984; work as a Staffing Manager for Northrop Grumman Technical Services in Northern VA primarily for military training contracts located both overseas and stateside; graduated from Alfred University 9 June 1962, commissioned same day as 2nd Lt US Army, married former Sharon Armstrong of Ogdensburg NY the next weekend, 16 June - will celebrate our 48th anniversary June 2010. Have been ball room dancing competitively for 10 years. We have three children and four grandchildren, all living in Northern Virginia.


Kip Armstrong, KE1144
Married, 3 kids, masters in Social Work.  18 years doing Psychotherapy in various clinics in Western Mass.


Pat Sgroi, KE 1282
Married to Christa with 3 kids, Timothy (11) Jake (8) and Emma (16). 
Pat is a Financial Planner and living in West Seneca, NY.


Dave Parker, KE 704
Great Website!  Enjoyed poking around in it.


Dave Cole, KE 893
Great Job guys - a fantastic way to preserve the Lambda Chi experience at AU for those of us who have lost touch with many brothers and Alfred.  I certainly enjoyed looking at the old pix and appreciate the effort made to keep everything intact.  I'm going to be in Italy the weekend of the reunion but would certainly make the trip otherwise.  Sorry miss it.


Mark Mattar, KE 1073


Looking forward to hearing from many of you.
All continues to be well in Buffalo.
Jan, I and the girls continue to ski as often
as possible..-easy to do in Buffalo
Henry Bzdak, KE 835


I any brother is passing through Milwaukee, give me a call or stop by.  My door is always open.  Nancy & I would love to see you.
Hey, check out the new 28 volt power tools offered by Milwaukee Electric Tools.  If you are into power tools, you'll be amazed.
All my best to each of you.
Paul Larson, KE 652

We've been down here in (Absolutely Beautiful) San Antonio for almost twenty years now and just love the people and the atmosphere.  After 35 years in senior management I started my own business education and development firm a couple of years ago.  If I can say anything about that experience it is I wish I had done this sooner........oh well, live and learn.

If anyone gets to the San Antonio area, give me a ring and we can reminisce.


Shawn Allan, KE 1372

Finishing Masters Degree in Materials Science at Georgia Tech this August

Nathan Cassingham, KE 1376

Currently in Sheffield, England working towards his Masters Degree in Nuclear Waste Immobilization.  Due to Graduate in September, 2005

David Bowman, KE 1374

Currently working at Xinetics, Inc. in Boston, MA


Jim Murphy, KE 1077

Jim is corporate sales development manager for Lee Enterprises (, which recently bought the renown Pulitzer newspaper company.  The Murphys continue to live in upstate New York;  Jim spends his weekdays traveling to the company's newspapers - from Auburn, N.Y. to St. Louis to Escondido, California.

Lois Moebus
Widow of Carl Moebus


Lois remembers Bob saying many of the same thing that Steve Coleman KE, 1104 wrote in his article.  As she finished reading Steve's letter she was wiping tears from her eyes.
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